Craig Fenrick


It’s been a great time in the new studio meeting new clients, traveling to conventions and doing guest spots across Canada. I receive a lot of emails and can only reply to so many. Please understand that I am only one person. I want to thank everyone for their patience and I look forward to another great year.

– Craig Fenrick

Book an Appointment

All appointments will be taken via email request. I will choose the ideas that I feel I can give the most to: those that inspire me. I appreciate the time everyone takes to contact me so please be patient and I will reply when I am ready to discuss your idea.

A lot of time, consideration and the utmost care is taken in preparing the best possible concept for you. This means I can not get to everyone right away. I will be checking my messages weekly, but it would be unrealistic to reply to all.

When you’re writing your request please ensure you include the theme/subject matter, location and size of piece, and reference photos (the more the better).